OWNER OPERATORS - Sub-Contracting and Company driver positions are now available.

      Must have a valid drivers license and up-to-date abstract.

      Fluent in english, written, reading, and spoken.

      Able to work in a team environment and independently.

 Fax Resume to: Donovan Walker - fax: 905-565-0618 - e-mail donovan@onthedouble.net

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SENIOR ( U.S. ) DISPATCH - The ideal candidate for this job would be a quick thinker who is able to juggle multiple tasks. Good telephone and organizational skills are necessary. The ability to communicate and get along with others is also essential.

      Knowledge of the Eastern Seaboard.

      Must have 5 years experience and excellent customer service skills.

      Experienced in; Loadlink, Fleet Manager, PCMiler and CanCom.

Fax Resume to: Richard Meyers - fax: 905-565-0618 - e-mail richard@onthedouble.net

COURIER DRIVERS - Courier Drivers with a valid drivers license, own reliable vehicle - car/van/truck.

      Individuals must be fluent in english, written, reading, and spoken.

      Well groomed, honest, reliable and punctual.

      Ability to work under pressure and handle stress.

      Able to lift up to 40 pounds - packages.

      Able to prioritize job orders for deliveries and meet important deadlines.

      Ability to take and follow through with instructions from dispatches regarding prioritizing and other orders.

      Able to work in a team environment and independently.

      Do accurate and neat filling of manifest, and writing up of waybills for customer, ensure signing of manifests by customers.

      Promote and market the business to the public.

Fax Resume to: Amy Hutchinson - fax: 905-565-0618 - e-mail amy@onthedouble.net